Give us a Challenge

We have a special offer for you, if you do.  If we decide to take on your challenge, we’ll work on it with no obligation, and if you stump us you don’t pay a nickel.  If we do solve it we won’t charge you more than $1000, and we may charge less, but if you aren’t satisfied that we solved your challenge you have no obligation to pay us.  Basically a challenge has to be something that we feel we can do in around a day or less.  If you have something bigger than that, and it’s well defined, we would be happy to provide a quote on it.  But the idea of our challenge offer is that if you have something that’s been giving you a hard time, we would like the chance to solve your puzzle, and think that you will find that you like working with us, and hopefully you will come back and use us again!

So if you want to make your problem our problem, just fill out this short form.  If we think we can help, we’ll let you know, or we may have a few questions.   Hope to hear from you, and don’t make your challenge too easy!